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Created by Jason Dorie and Fred Pradel
Interactive video performance software for next generation 3D hardware.

MidiVid GPU is a complete re-write of the original VJ application, MidiVid.  The GPU-enhanced version is designed to take full advantage of today's graphics cards, leveraging their power to perform real-time effects at high resolutions with quality not possible in CPU-based software.

MidiVid GPU will be updated as bugs are fixed, new plugins and features are added, and more documentation is written. Check back often. :)

Download the latest version of MidiVid GPU

Download the source code to MidiVid GPU (Right click and 'Save Target As', double check the filename extension)
Filename is MidiVidGPU_source.7z - 7Zip archive of all project files. (Visual Studio.NET 2003 required)

Check out the online documentation