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MVPlug.h File Reference

Detailed Description

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struct  MVGuid
 Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) structure used by plugins to identify themselves. More...
class  MVPlugDesc
 The MidiVid Plugin Description class is used to provide information to MidiVid about a plugin. More...
class  MVBasePlug
 The base class for all plugin types in MidiVid GPU. More...
struct  MVParamInfo
 Plugin tweakable parameter information structure for MVPlug::GetParamInfo. More...
class  MVPlug
 The standard "effect" plugin class for MidiVid. More...


#define MVExport   extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)


typedef void(* FormatKnobValueFunc )(int Value, char Output[32], MVPlug *pPlugin, int Index)


enum  MVPlugType {
  PlugType_Event = 0, PlugType_Video = 1, PlugType_Audio = 2, PlugType_AudioVideo = 3,
  PlugType_Source = 4
 Simple type descriptor for MVBasePlug objects - Defines the basic type of plugin this is. More...


MVExport long mvpGetVersion (void)
MVExport long mvpGetNumPlugs (void)
MVExport MVPlugDescmvpGetPlugDesc (long WhichPlug)
bool operator== (const MVGuid &lhs, const MVGuid &rhs)


const long MVP_Header_Version = 0x00000300
 The version of MidiVid that plugins compiled with this header will run under. 300 = MidiVid GPU V1.0.

Define Documentation

#define MVExport   extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)

The MVExport tag must precede the function definitions in your plugin DLL. This tag tells the compiler that these functions will be exported, or exposed to other applications through the DLL interface.

Sample usage:

MVExport long mvpGetVersion(void)
    return MVP_Header_Version;

MVExport long mvpGetNumPlugs(void)
    return 1;

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum MVPlugType

Enumeration values:
PlugType_Event  This plugin does not manipulate audio or video (eg, SSC Robotics Plugins).
PlugType_Video  This is a video effect.
PlugType_Audio  This is an audio plugin.
PlugType_AudioVideo  This plugin deals with both audio and video.
PlugType_Source  This plugin is a source plugin.

Function Documentation

MVExport long mvpGetVersion void   ) 

The mvpGetVersion function must be exported from a plugin DLL, and return the constant value MVP_Header_Version as defined in the file MVPlug.h. This value tells MidiVid which version of MidiVid the plugin was compiled for, preventing plugins from running in an incorrect environment.

See also:
MVExport, mvpGetNumPlugs, mvpGetPlugDesc, MVP_Header_Version

MVExport long mvpGetNumPlugs void   ) 

The mvpGetNumPlugs function must be exported from a plugin DLL, and return the number of plugins exposed. For example, if your plugin DLL contains 2 MVSourcePlug plugins and 3 MVPlug plugins, return the number 5.

See also:
MVExport, mvpGetVersion, mvpGetPlugDesc, MVP_Header_Version

MVExport MVPlugDesc* mvpGetPlugDesc long  WhichPlug  ) 

The mvpGetPlugDesc function must be exported from a plugin DLL, and return a valid MVPlugDesc object for the requested plugin number.

See also:
MVExport, MVPlugDesc, mvpGetVersion, mvpGetNumPlugs, MVP_Header_Version

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