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MidiVidInterface.h File Reference

Detailed Description

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struct  CompileShaderInfo
 Structure used by the MidiVidInterface::CompileVertexShader and MidiVidInterface::CompilePixelShader functions. More...
class  MidiVidInterface
 Interface object passed to plugins so they can access functionality within MidiVid. More...


typedef IDirect3DTexture9 * Texture
 A short alias for IDirect3DTexture9 interface objects.
typedef IDirect3DSurface9 * Surface
 A short alias for IDirect3DSurface9 interface objects.
typedef IDirect3DVertexShader9 * VertexShader
 A short alias for IDirect3DVertexShader9 interface objects.
typedef IDirect3DPixelShader9 * PixelShader
 A short alias for IDirect3DPixelShader9 interface objects.
typedef ID3DXConstantTable * ConstantTable
 A short alias for ID3DXConstantTable interface objects.


template<class Type> void ReleasePtr (Type &pPtr)
void Log (const char *pString,...)

Function Documentation

template<class Type>
void ReleasePtr Type &  pPtr  ) 

This template function is included as a helper for releasing IUnknown interface objects. Use it in your code like this:


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