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MidiVid GPU Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CompileShaderInfoStructure used by the MidiVidInterface::CompileVertexShader and MidiVidInterface::CompilePixelShader functions
MidiVidInterfaceInterface object passed to plugins so they can access functionality within MidiVid
MVBasePlugThe base class for all plugin types in MidiVid GPU
MVGuidGlobally Unique Identifier (GUID) structure used by plugins to identify themselves
MVParamInfoPlugin tweakable parameter information structure for MVPlug::GetParamInfo
MVPlugThe standard "effect" plugin class for MidiVid
MVPlugDescThe MidiVid Plugin Description class is used to provide information to MidiVid about a plugin
MVSourceInfoReturned by the MVSourcePlug::GetInfo() function. Contains format information about the output from the MVSourcePlug
MVSourcePlugBase class for plugins who provide audio/video data streams to MidiVid
MVSourcePlugDescClass supplied by source plugins to describe them to MidiVid

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