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MVBasePlug Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MVBasePlug:

MVPlug MVSourcePlug List of all members.

Detailed Description

All MVPlug and MVSourcePlug objects derivefrom this base class.

See also:
MVPlug, MVSourcePlug, MVPlugDesc

Public Member Functions

void SetInterface (MidiVidInterface &MVI)
virtual MVPlugType GetType (void)=0
 Must return the same Type as the MVPlugDesc.
virtual const MVGuidGetGUID (void)=0
 Must return the same ID as the MVPlugDesc.

Public Attributes


Member Data Documentation

MidiVidInterface* MVBasePlug::pMVI

Pointer to the MidiVidInterface instance, providing access to MidiVid functionality This member value will be valid immediately after (but not during) construction of a plugin.

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