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MVSourcePlug Class Reference

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Detailed Description

MVSourcePlug objects provide video (and audio) streams to MidiVid. They are the primary mechanism that MidiVid uses to access files and other media sources, like video capture cards, or the current framebuffer.

See also:
MVBasePlug, MVSourcePlugDesc

Public Member Functions

virtual bool IsConfigurable (void)
 Can this source be configured? (local, per-stream).
virtual bool IsFiniteLength (void)
 AVI or MPEG = true, BMP or VidCap = false.
virtual bool Configure (HWND hWnd)
 Execute configuration for the source (local, per-stream options only).
virtual bool LoadConfig (TagStream &f)
 Read the source config from the indicated file.
virtual bool SaveConfig (TagStream &f)
 Write the source config to the indicated file.
virtual void SetLoopPlay (bool bLoop)=0
 For file sources - Specify that the file should loop back to the beginning during playback.
virtual void SetPlayAudio (bool bAud)=0
 For file sources - Specify that the file should stream audio during playback (if available).
virtual void SetForcePow2 (bool bPow2)=0
 Enforce power-of-two sizing, scaling if necessary, as tiling will be used.
virtual bool Open (const char *pFilename)=0
 Open the file (files) or just initialize the source (non-files) - true = success.
virtual bool GetInfo (MVSourceInfo &Info)=0
 Retrieve information about the opened source.
virtual bool HasAudio (void)=0
 Does the opened source contain audio data?
virtual void SetVolume (BYTE Val)=0
 0 - 127 == off to full
virtual void SetPan (BYTE Val)=0
 0 - 127 == left to right (64 = center)
virtual bool NoteOn (BYTE Velocity)=0
 To be called within NoteOn in the host plugin. Velocity = 0 - 127.
virtual Texture GetTexture (void)=0
 Retrieve the texture used to render the stream.
virtual D3DXVECTOR2 * GetCoords (void)=0
 Retrieve the upper left & lower right texture coordinates the image resides in.
virtual bool NoteOff (void)=0
 To be called within NoteOff in the host plugin.
virtual void Close (void)=0
 Close the stream, deallocate resources.
virtual void Reset (void)=0
 "Manually" rewind the file back to the beginning
virtual bool Update (int msElapsed, bool &bAtEnd, bool &bFrameChanged)=0
 Update the position in the file stream by the elapsed time.

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