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Implementing MVPlug

There are a few different chunks of functionality in MVPlug that need to be implemented in order for your plugin to work. The first two functions are common to all MidiVid plugins:

Those allow MidiVid to classify and identify your plugin, and relate it to the MVPlugDesc object that goes with it.

All effect plugins also need to implement:

If your plugin uses files (or sources), you'll need to implement:

If your plugin provides the user with options that can be configured, you'll need to implement

If you don't use these features, simply return true (success) from these functions.

If your plugin will hold itself active after the user has released the note / key, you will need to implement:

return true from this function until you wish the note to be removed. Otherwise, always return false.

If your plugin has parameters which you would like exposed through the knob shelf, you will need to implement:

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