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Bundling a Performance

When you save a MidiVid performance, only the links indicating where the files are stored are saved. You may end up choosing files from all over your machine. If you delete, lose or move a file, midivid may not find it when you reload the performance.

Keeping track of that and storing or sharing it with someone else is pretty hard. Bundling your performance into a project allows you to make a copy of all the files used by your performance and stores them in a directory of your choice with a copy of your performance.

Once bundled, all the links are re-written so that the performance works straight out of the directory with all the files there. You can burn the whole directory to a cdrom and store it if you like. Or you can copy it for a friend. The bundled version will work with anyone elses version of MidiVid.

When you choose "Bundle Project" The Bundle Path window appears:

Add the images for bundling a performance

This is the Path window. You can choose where the bundled project directory will be created by clicking on folders or typing the path in the white text box. Once you click ok, This box will disappear and the project name box will appear.

You can name your bundled project here. When bundling your project, MidiVid will create a new directory and copy your performance there. The directory created and the copied performance file will bear the project name. All the linked image files will be copied in this directory and the links will be updated in the new performance file.

If you like you can create custom performances as trade or sell them in "bundled" format. You can call them "bundles" or "projects" we don't care. It's like making custom sounds for synthesizers. It's a lucrative industry. Just make sure you own the rights to the images and any material you use.

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