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The notes list panel displays notes in the current patch and their asigned plugins (if any) in a list box. If you hit a MIDI key the appropriate note number highlights itself and displays the name of the assigned plugin, and the primary file used by that plugin, if any. The box will auto scroll to show the keys you hit.

The notes list is also a quick way to assign or edit notes. Simply double-click a note in the notes list and if that note is already assigned, the edit panel for it will pop up. If the note is not already assigned, you will be asked to assign a plugin to it.

You can also drag a file from the Explorer onto a slot in the notes list to quick-assign that file. If you drop the file on an existing plugin, it will simply assign the file to that plugin. If you drop the file on an empty note slot, you'll be prompted to set up the plugin as usual, but the file will be assigned for you.

You can also drag notes around within the list - Simply select a plugin and drag it to another slot. Doing so will copy the plugin and all its settings to the new note. If you drop the copy onto an existing note it will be overwritten.

To change the priority of a note, right-click the priority of the note and pick the priority from the pop-up menu. You can also hold the Ctrl key and press the up or down arrows to change the priority of the selected note. The pop-up menu only contains choices for -3 to +3. By using the Ctrl+Arrow keys, or the regular 'Set Priority' button, you can go to +/- 127.

To change the target frame buffer of a note, right-click the 'buffer' column for the note, and choose the new target buffer from the list. If no additional buffers are displayed, check to make sure you have work buffers enabled in the Performance Options video configuration.

In the future, the notes list will also allow you to save and load note presets, and cut, copy, and paste notes around the list. Stay tuned.

Enable Active Note Selector checkbox
When checked, each time you hit a note on your MIDI keyboard (or computer keyboard) it will become the focused note, and its knobs will display on the knob shelf. With this check box unchecked, you manually have to click on the note with your mouse to make it the focused note.

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