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Before you can assign notes you must first create a patch that will contain them. A patch is a container that holds 128 notes. If you try to assign a note before you have created your first patch, MidiVid will tell you.



Allows you to create a new patch. When you click on create, the Create new Patch dialog box will appear. Enter the number of the patch you wish to create and click ok. The number of the patch will appear in the variable box beside the Patch scroll bar at this will now be the active patch. If you choose a patch number that already exists MidiVid will tell you and give you the option of clearing the patch or cancelling your action. If you click on clear, the patch will be cleared of all note assignements.

Patch Scroll Bar

Lets you navigate through active patches. The scroll bar automatically re-adjusts itself as you create more patches. As you scroll left the patch numbers in the variable box will decrease and as you scroll right they will increase. The visible number in the variable box is always the active patch.

Important note! Midi program change of patches is not possible in edit mode.

List Patches

Allows you to display a list of active patches. When You click on List patches, a list box appears showing you all the patches you have created in you current performance and how many notes each patch uses.



Allows you to delete the current patch. When you click on Delete MidVid ask you to confirm deleting the current patch. If you click ok the patch, and all note assignements it contains will be deleted from the current performance.

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