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A performance is a particular configuration of MidiVid, with different plugins assigned to respond to different notes from a MIDI device.

This menu allows you to set your performance options, save your performance defaults, or toggle MidiVid into full screen performance mode. This menu will also enable you to record incoming MIDI events to a file and then render an animation file of your performance.

Allows you to set general options for your performance. You should do this at least once the first time you use the program, though you will need to create a performance to do so. When you select "options" from the performance menu, the Performance Options dialog box appears.
Save Options as Defaults
Will store the current performance options as the default options. Any new performance you create will adopt these default settings automatically.
Full Screen
Toggles MidiVid into full screen performance mode, which you can also do by hitting the tilde (~) key. Once in full screen mode, hit the ESC key to return to edit/preview mode.
Capture MIDI to file
Allows you to specify a file to record incoming MIDI events to, for the purpose of rendering an animation file.
Render captured MIDI file
Allows you to specify a captured MIDI events file, and then renders an animation file from that data and the currently loaded performance. After specifying the frame rate, compression paramters, and destination file, MidiVid will "perform" the recorded MIDI events as fast as the frames can be recorded to disk. This process usually takes many times longer than simply performing the file because the individual frames have to be compressed and written to disk as they are rendered.

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