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MidiVid GPU is modeled much like a multi timbral synthesizer.

1. You create a performance that responds to MIDI commands from up to 16 discrete MIDI channels.

2. This peformance contains up to 128 program patches that can each be accessed using MIDI program change commands, or through the user interface.

3. Each program patch contains 128 midi notes. 88 of those notes represent the common music keyboard. The remaining 40 notes can be accessed via MIDI controllers and sequencing software that support extended note ranges. A subset of the notes can also be accessed using the computer keyboard.

4. Each note can be assigned a specific plug-in. A plugin does something like play a video, or show a picture.


When you create your performance you decide what midi channels available you would like to use. The selected MIDI channels can access any of the patches you create in your performance through program changes and you can send MIDI commands to one patch from mulitple MIDI channel sources.


Only one performance resides in MidiVid at once.

A performance can hold up to 16384 plug-ins (one plug-in per note) spread over 128 program patches of 128 notes each. One Performance with all 16 MIDI channels active, a unique patch assigned per channel and all keys per patch triggered at once allows up to 2048 midi triggered plug-ins to be activated (polyphonic) at the same time. Your computer will choke long before MidiVid does.

MidiVid GPU Version 1.0
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