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Fractal Shuffle Plugin

The Fractal Shuffle plugin

The Fractal Shuffle plugin uses a complex mathematical equation to rearrange the pixels of a video source. If you simply feed a source into the Fractal Shuffle plugin, what you'll get is something like this:


The Fractal Shuffle plugin was designed to be used in a feedback loop with itself. That means that you need to put an image in the framebuffer, then use the Framebuffer Loopback Source as the video source for the Fractal Shuffle plugin. The plugin will paint over the current framebuffer with a new image, and then use that new image as the source image for the next frame. Because the plugin looks best when used in a feedback loop, whatever you use as the initial image source can't completely paint over the framebuffer, so be sure to use a relatively low alpha value.

This image was created using the same settings as above, but using the framebuffer as the source:


This image was created by using these plugins and settings:


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