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Twister Plugin

The Twister generator plugin

The Twister plugin draws a constantly changing swirling tube of 3d shapes. This plugin looks great when combined with radial blur, or other kinds of feedback effects, since it can be set to just draw on top of whatever is already on the display.


The Twister plugin has a number of control values which alter the overall look.

Randomize on each note

Enabling this setting causes Twister to choose new random initial values for everything when you hit the note. Leaving this off means it will simply pick up where it left off.

Include Teapot when rendering

The Utah Teapot is a staple of computer graphics. Turning this off will exclude the teapot from the list of geometry objects Twister uses.

Phong Shading (Shiny)

Twister uses smooth, but dull shading by default. Setting this flag will make shiny highlights appear on smooth objects.

Respond to Audio

Enabling this parameter makes Twister pulse to the beat of an incoming audio feed.

Clear Z-buffer before drawing

Setting this means that Twister objects will always draw in front of other things on the display. Leaving it off means that Twister will not draw pixels to portions of the display that other 3D objects have drawn pixels into if those pixels are closer to you than the Twister objects.

Knob Controls

Controls how much the existing display is cleared prior to drawing. 0 = not erased, 255 = cleared to black.
Sets the number of objects drawn in the Twister.
Chooses how fast the Twister moves, and how often it changes shape and color.

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