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Preview Window

The preview window is where the output of MidiVid goes when not running in fullscreen. The output sent to the preview window is the same size as your full-screen performance size, scaled to fit within the window. The preview window sits in the upper-right of the main interface window by default, but can be un-docked and moved or resized freely.

To un-dock the preview window, simply double click it. You'll see a title bar appear above the window, as shown below. Grab the window and move it anywhere you like. The window can also be resized, but will maintain the aspect ratio of your chosen display resolution. You can override this behavior by holding the SHIFT key.

Double-clicking the window, or hitting the maximize button on the title bar will expand the window to full screen, and will remove the borders and title bar. This is useful for dual-monitor setups. To restore the preview window to its former size, simply double-click it again. To re-dock the preview, just close the floating preview window.


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