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Brighten/Dim Source Plugin

The Brighten/Dim Source plugin

The Brighten/Dim Source plugin


Brighten/Dim Source Options

Allows you to choose the video source this plugin will display. Any of the available sources can be used, including AVI's, images, the current framebuffer, video capture devices, and any active samples you have.
Stretch to Fill Screen
Stretches the video source to fit to the current display size, ignoring aspect ratio.
Transparent Black
Makes absolute black transparent.
Erase on Note Off
Clears the display when the note (or key) is released.
Reset Playback each note
Restarts the video source from the beginning each time the plugin is triggered. If this option is unchecked, video playback resumes from the last point each time the plugin is triggered.
Looped Playback
Restarts the video source when it plays to the end. If this option is unchecked, the last frame of the video source will hold when it reaches the end.
Velocity Brightness
Sets the brightness of the display based on the velocity of the MIDI note. A velocity of 64 displays the source at normal brightness.

Brighten/Dim Source Parameters

When Velocity Brightness is not set, this parameter controls the brightness of the displayed source. 0 is completely dark, 100 is normal, and 200 is 4x over-bright.

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