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Detailed Description

An MVSourcePlugDesc class instance is supplied by plugins to expose an MVSourcePlug to MidiVid. This class provides functions that describe the MVSourcePlug and its functionality, and provides a method to create an instance of that class.

See also:
MVPlugDesc, MVSourcePlug, MVPlug

Public Member Functions

virtual bool IsFileSource (void)=0
 Does this plugin produce data by interpreting a file? (AVI, MPEG, etc).
virtual bool IsAnimated (void)=0
 Is the source animated (AVI, capture), or static (BMP, JPG)?
virtual int NumExtensions (void)=0
 Returns the number of file extensions supported by this plugin.
virtual const char * GetExtension (int Num)=0
 Retrieves the Nth file extension supported by this plugin (no .'s please).
virtual const char * GetIdentifier (void)
 For non-file sources - Eg, "VIDCAP" - this allows easy config & saves, as it will be used in place of a file path.
virtual bool IsConfigurable (void)
 Can this source be configured? (global, per-performance).
virtual bool Configure (HWND hWnd)
 Execute configuration for the source (global options only).
virtual bool LoadConfig (TagStream &f)
 Read the source config from the indicated file.
virtual bool SaveConfig (TagStream &f)
 Write the source config to the indicated file.

Member Function Documentation

MVSourcePlugDesc::IsFileSource void   )  [pure virtual]

true if the plugin reads data from a file, or false if the plugin produces data another way
This function tells MidiVid whether your source plugin reads data from a file-based stream, or produces data another way. Return true if your plugin interprets data from a file source, like a movie or image file. Return false if your plugin gets data another way, like a video capture plugin.

See also:
NumExtensions, GetExtension, GetIdentifier

MVSourcePlugDesc::IsAnimated void   )  [pure virtual]

true if the plugin produces an animating image, false if the plugin produces a static image
This function tells MidiVid whether your source plugin is considered a video or image source. If your plugin produces data that is constantly changing, like a movie file, return true. If your plugin produces a static image, return false.

MVSourcePlugDesc::NumExtensions void   )  [pure virtual]

The number of unique file extensions that this plugin can read data for.
If a plugin reads data from files, you must be able to identify yourself as the reader for a given file type based on the extension of that file. An image reading plugin, for example, might handle the following file extensions: BMP, TGA, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, and PNG. In this case, the plugin would return 7, and the GetExtension function would return "BMP" as extension 0, "TGA" as extension 1, and so on.

See also:
GetExtension, IsFileSource

MVSourcePlugDesc::GetExtension int  Num  )  [pure virtual]

a pointer to a null-terminated string for Nth unique file extension handled by this source plugin.
If the requested extension number is outside the range of extensions provided, return null.

See also:
NumExtensions, IsFileSource

MVSourcePlugDesc::GetIdentifier void   )  [inline, virtual]

a pointer to a null-terminated string indicating the name that this plugin will use to uniquely identify itself.
For non-file sources, MidiVid stores this string with a colon appended to it, so the "filename" for the data source actually looks like a drive. For example, a video capture plugin could identify itself as VidCap, in which case the plugin using this source would believe it was using a file called "VidCap:". MidiVid uses this identifier to locate the appropriate source plugin when an MVPlug requests a source through the MidiVidInterface::CreateSource function.

See also:

MVSourcePlugDesc::IsConfigurable void   )  [inline, virtual]

true if this source has settings that can be configured globally
See also:

MVSourcePlugDesc::Configure HWND  hWnd  )  [inline, virtual]

MidiVid calls this function to tell your plugin to display its configuration dialog.

hWnd A handle to the parent window that is calling this function.
true on success, false if there was a problem and the source should not be used.
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